If you are RVing to the Los Angeles area, take the opportunity to visit the Getty Center Museum.  The museum features European paintings, sculptures, and photography from several times periods.  Though there is a charge for parking ($10 when we visited), the museum is free to the public.  Riding the tram up to the grounds above with visitors from all parts of the world adds to the anticipation of the significant collection.


The museum consists of several buildings (pavilions) where you will find pieces from well known artists; Van Gogh, Cezanne, Rembrandt, Monet or Renoir.  With place cards of information next to each piece, you will find it easy and enjoyable to learn about the art; an intention of the Getty Center Museum to be sure.  As you view the "real" pieces, the regal portraits of Rembrandt or the emotion of Cezanne make you interested in the technical skills of the artist and the reason for their popularity.


The difference in seeing the actual pieces makes an impression.  The vibrancy of the colors is difficult to duplicate in pictures or descriptions.

You might find yourself looking closely at the expression and emotion in their eyes, and then beginning to wonder more about life during those time periods; both the luxury in some and the raw feeling in others.  The artists you know will make you curious about the ones you don't.  The pavilions are multi-floor buildings giving you much to absorb during your visit.

If you do not find interest in the art displays, you will enjoy seeing the views from atop.  The grounds are located above and offer views of both Westwood and Los Angeles.  There are gardens and water features amidst peaceful surroundings where you can drink a coffee or sit for something to eat.  There is also a second museum located in Malibu, Getty Villa, featuring more than 44,000 pieces.

RVing to Los Angeles is best in early hours or weekends to avoid traffic.  There are many RV campgrounds located throughout the area, with several near the beaches.   Most spots are typical "parking lot" style spaces, but you can find them close to the water in Long Beach and other areas a little further.  With so much to see and do, you can easily plan to spend a few weeks without fear of finding new activities and places of interest. 

A visit to the Getty Center gave us one more enjoyable RVing experience.  Happy New Year.  Happy City RVing!

Going down the Rogue River in Oregon on the Hellgate tour was a thrill!  We took the whole family for the dinner cruise.  Good food and plenty of splash from the 360 degree boat turns afterward.  It was a day to remember.  Thanks for the tip!     
   - Fergerson Family