A warm day, a shady spot, and food are the start of a love affair with the Trinity County Annual Wheels and Wings Barbeque held in northern California.  Our RVing Labor Day weekend started with disappointing news about the low water level in Trinity Lake.  The news meant we weren't spending our holiday weekend with any time in a boat, but as luck would have it, the dried up shoreline gave us reason to check out events happening in the town.  We ventured out from our RV campground for a talk with some locals at a nearby diner and learned that Trinity County hosts an annual bash with a forty-seven year history.  Each year, on Labor Day weekend, the community comes together to feed, provide live music, as well as pull in a wide assortment of restored antique cars, and fly-ins from pilots, law enforcement, fire, and rescue for the public to enjoy. 

Did I already say how amazing the food was?  This is the first barbeque we ever attended where we ate every food item presented with delight, from the barbeque tri tip and chicken to the assortment of pies for dessert. 

And then the music came.  A trio, the Billies with band members Biff, Skiid, and Skeeter, played all the familiar 80s rock, country rock, and pop songs we could stand.  When we weren't so busy eating every morsel, we sang and danced with our other table guests.  The atmosphere made us all quick friends. 


Next, we viewed the thirty to forty authentically restored vehicles.  The paint choices, body shapes, and beautiful weather provided a nice back drop for this nostalgic portion of the event.  We wandered up and down the road and gawked, touched, and snapped photos.


We took the opportunity to listen to the local fire and rescue personnel talk about their mission and show us their aircraft.  Our visit coincided with a local fire, making the words from fire personnel more poignant.  The inside of the rescue helicopter gave me chills as I remembered many news reports showing someone being flown to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.  The medical teams navigate the precise business of both flying and emergency medical treatment in the confined space of a few feet. 


As we walked down the long airport road to the planes on display, we passed the dream homes of those who own property that border both the lake and the airport runway.  With direct access, homeowners can navigate their plane to parking spots in front of their home.  We loved the sign and posted envelopes for the honor system on the expensive (laughing as I write) plane tie down fees of $3.00 per night. The homes were beautiful and we pondered the extravagance in wonderment and awe. 

For us, we like being able to travel freely.  We like OUTSTANDING community barbeque events we find on the road.

We like the RV lifestyle.



Going down the Rogue River in Oregon on the Hellgate tour was a thrill!  We took the whole family for the dinner cruise.  Good food and plenty of splash from the 360 degree boat turns afterward.  It was a day to remember.  Thanks for the tip!     
   - Fergerson Family