A trip to Omaha, Nebraska, is not complete without a stop to see the uber-authentic bronze sculptures at First National's Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park.  Walk along with the pioneers as they navigate their horse and oxen drawn wagons.  Early pioneers take to the open road with the same vitality felt by RVing travelers of today. 


Experience the contentment of a young man's travel, happy to have his dog as he proceeds alongside the group heading up the trail.  Some things never change!


One set of sculptures depict trouble on the trail as a wagon wheel is stuck.  Family members lean outside to give guidance.  The faces of the group following behind show the concern as they watch ahead.


Another shows the joyous mood of youngsters as they run alongside their animals or sight-see perched above on the wagon bench; family vacation in 1800's style! 

The movement of the pieces is compelling.  The overall detail reveals much about pioneers and their life in the wilderness.

The park covers approximately six urban blocks and features more than a hundred substantial pieces.   The figures are larger than actual size, adding to the amazement as you view the scenes.  Admission is free.

Seeing these early pioneers stirs the RVer spirit to see and experience all of the country .  The pull is part of our DNA.  We look forward to stunning community parks. 

We love to RV travel.

Going down the Rogue River in Oregon on the Hellgate tour was a thrill!  We took the whole family for the dinner cruise.  Good food and plenty of splash from the 360 degree boat turns afterward.  It was a day to remember.  Thanks for the tip!     
   - Fergerson Family