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River Cats, Sacramento, California 
Do you ever wonder what events (sporting, outdoor, community, wine tasting) are scheduled and/or recommended by RV travelers or locals for a new location you want to visit?  Want opinions on RV features and gear? Click on the databases (RV Travel  / RVs & RVing) above to search and get suggestions from locals and other RV travelers.  
Lake Mead Narrows  - Photo by CMcBroom

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Smokey Mountains - Photo by Anna Mize

Wheels & Wings BBQ


A warm day, a shady spot, and food are the start of a love affair with the Trinity County, California, annual Wheels and Wings Barbeque.  Our RVing Labor Day weekend started with disappointing news about the low water level in Trinity Lake.  The news meant we weren't spending our holiday weekend with any time in a boat, but as luck would have it, the dried up shoreline gave us reason to check out events happening in the town.  We ventured out from our RV campground for a talk with some locals at a nearby diner and learned that Trinity County hosts an annual bash with a forty-seven year history.  On each Labor Day weekend, the community comes together to feed, provide live music, as well as pull in a wide assortment of restored antique cars, and fly-ins from pilots, law enforcement, fire, and rescue for the public to enjoy. 

Did I already say how amazing the food was?  This is the first barbeque we ever attended where we ate every food item presented with delight, from the barbeque tri tip and chicken to the assortment of pies for dessert. 

And then the music came.  A trio, the Billies with band members Biff, Skiid, and Skeeter, played all the familiar 80s rock, country rock, and pop songs we could stand.  When we weren't so busy eating every morsel, we sang and danced with our other table guests.  The atmosphere made us quick friends.  Community events like this make for memorable RV travel!

**For more pictures and details, check out the RV Blog on the event**

Friends of Chester

Chester (known as Chester, the Puppy Dog!) makes friends with the ease of a few tail wags.  He is our 6 year old, 13 pound, Terrier-Chihuahua mix, who spent his distinguished career single-handedly protecting ten acres of property boundary through twice daily patrols, relentless barking at critter intruders, and sniffing new people to insure only the most friendly felt welcome at our front door.  It was a long list of chores for a little guy.  Although he is a bit overworked and doesn't have much experience with cats, in one word, he is AWESOME!  He is the best RV travel companion on this earth and loves meeting new acquaintances of all kinds.  Click on Friends of Chester to introduce your pet and search/share tips for RV pet traveling.


RV Lifestyle Tip 

Hands down, one of the best RV tips I can pass on for entertainment while driving on the road is finding the electronic ebooks and audiobooks offered by our local library. To sign up, we got a library card that allows access to the digital versions of our favorite books through a phone app called Overdrive. The Library to Go program of audiobooks and ebooks we borrow download to our phones or tablets and the books are automatically returned when the 14 day check-out period is over.  That means no late fees ever!  You can read or listen to Michael Connelly and John Grisham. All the popular authors are available.  Newer releases hit the catalog quickly, though some of the ebooks and audiobooks have a waitlist where you sign up and the item is automatically checked out to you when it is your turn. Convenience! So, no matter where we are, we can access our library system to look at what is new and check out digital items


Every time I sat in the back seat of a friend’s car, I said the same dreamy sentence over and over as we entered a highway on-ramp, “I can imagine the time when we will head out on the road in an RV and not come back for months." From my own RVing vacations and weekends, to watching my full-time RVer parents and their siblings buy long coaches, I waited my whole life for this moment. 
I am not alone, am I?  
Though you may not have the RVer family connection, you are drawn to RV travel like us.  Now, where do you go?  Whether you own a Class A coach or an ultra-light travel trailer, you want to visit Montana or Washington DC or North Carolina or California.  This website is a good place to start.  For travel planning, you can search the RV TRAVEL database by territory, state, or city to  find the best suggestions for campgrounds, outdoor places, activities, and events, along with RV route tips others think will help.  Next, there is an RVs and RVing database of suggestions on RV features and gear you will want to consider.  Last, find advice on traveling with pets in our database "Friends of Chester."
Bookmark the website to your phone, tablet, or computer.  As is, It works well on all devices.  The format makes it easy to skip over the RVing information you already know and zero in on the suggestions that hold your interest.   
And then, if you know a hike that is exhilarating, or an event you wouldn't want us to miss, or a campground that is spectacular ,or a piece of gear that works well, will you please take a few minutes to share your suggestion?
We want to know.  
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